Coding related Projects

List of things I coded ordered by date


Minecraft extension mod for Carpet Mod

Rug is my first own Minecraft mod. It is an extension mod for Carpet Mod by gnembon and thus uses the Fabric mod loader. Its features are designed to work with vanilla clients and are mostly targeted towards the technical Minecraft community.

All features are toggleable via the /carpet command and are by default set to the vanilla behaviour.

Picture Guessing

Party game about quickly guessing slowly revealed images.

Simple party game about quickly guessing images.

Two (or more) teams compete against each other by guessing as many images in one minute as possible. The host can select a folder with images inside. After then starting the game, a random image is chosen and shown covered with purple tiles, which will slowly disappear randomly. If the image was guessed correctly by any team member, the host can either press "Show full Picture" to reveal the full image, or "Go to next Picture" to immediately load the next random image. During that the timer is paused.
After the timer runs out (or all images were guessed), the team gets as many points as they guessed images, and then it's the other teams' turn.

Dice Riddle

Simple quiz with two dice.

The goal is simple: find out how many holes, bears and fish there are, based on the two dice.

By default the answer will be displayed at the top, but that can be toggled with the button on the bottom right.

I know this riddle from school, where one of my new teachers in 10th grade showed us this in our first lesson. As I generally like these sort of riddles I made it into a quick unpolished application in one day.

Generic Clicker Game

Just a normal clicker game, nothing special.

As I said. It's just your usual Clicker Game. Nothing special. Nothing new. Just normal.

Cube Loop

A game about dodging the obstacles as long as possible

Cube Loop is a simple game, where you control a red cube to the left and right. Your goal is to dodge the grey obstacles as long as possible. Also there are two types of power ups, that give you an effect. If you already have a power up and get another one of the same color, the effected rows will increase.

  • The blue power up makes you twice as wide and gives you 10 seconds invincibility.
  • The green power up makes the game run at 70% speed.

The game is heavily inspired by the "How to make a Game" from Brackeys series on YouTube.


Tool to convert videos of MIDI playing into MIDI files

Video2Midi is a currently very buggy tool, written in Python, to convert Videos like those from SheetMusicBoss into MIDI files.

With the newer style (Embers) in their videos does not work so well with this tool, but the older (Synthesia) videos usually work fine.

I do not plan to finish and polish this project, but things may change.


Tool to convert images into MIDI files.

Img2Midi is a GUI application written in Python, that can convert images into MIDI files. Depending on the selected "Draw Mode" it will either place notes at places it considers dark and no notes everywhere else, or place notes at every position, but with the velocity of the note being the grayscale pixel value, which is displayed in Ableton Live for example.

I made this project to prepare for the planned Video2Midi tool, so I would already know how to work with images and MIDI files in Python.

Brain Age

A minigame from Nintendo's game "Brain Age"

Brain Age originally is a game franchise from the japanese company Nintendo, with the first two appearances on the Nintendo DS and later also one for the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo Switch

I recreated one of the minigames of the 3DS game with Python.

The task is to solve simple math equations offset by some amount, so for example with an offset of two you always have to write the answer of the equation two before, and all that as fast as